From emergency animal medical care to humane animal education in schools, FACF supports the needs of animals and the Iowa City Animal Center.  

With community support and generous donations, we are able to fund many programs at the Iowa City Animal Center. You can designate a donation to a specific program, otherwise your gift will be used where it is most needed.

Paws to Train Program

We believe basic obedience training increases adoptability of dogs at the Iowa City Animal Center.

Foster & Volunteer Program

We assist in funding coordination, training and educational materials for foster parents as well as medications and supplies a foster parent needs to care for an animal.

Life Enhancements

Beyond animal medical care, Life Enhancements are the extra comforts the animals get while they are waiting to be adopted: toys, comfy beds, etc.

Medical Program

We provide funding for the health needs of Iowa City Animal Center animals above and beyond what the Center’s city budget allows through our animal medical program.

Animal Feed Program

We support the Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center by providing funding for quality animal feed. This lowers the amount of stomach upset caused by low quality or irregular diets. This program also provides specialty and prescription diet foods for animals with dietary restrictions or needs.

JDPC Emergency Program

Thanks to an initial donation from Just Dogs PlayCare we have established an emergency fund for those animals at the Iowa City Animal Center needing emergency veterinary care.

Humane Education Program

We support the education and outreach to the community concerning the needs of companion animals and wildlife.

Barn Cat Program

We support this program to help find homes for cats who may have difficulty living life as a companion animal.