Friends of the Animal Center Foundation donations support the Foster Care Program. The purpose of this program is to supply all items necessary to care for animals belonging to the Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center. This includes items like cat litter, food, medication, medical treatment, flea and tick prevention and more.

Foster Parent Grant Application:

  • You must be a current foster parent and in good standing at the Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center
  • Items requested must be use for or related to foster needs
  • Some items may remain the property of the Iowa City Animal Center
  • This is an application process, we reserve the right to deny some or all of any request

Examples of items you may request, not limited to these items:

  • Incubators, neonatal supplies, bite-proof gloves, cleaning and ringworm abatement tools – steam cleaner, rolled vinyl flooring, animal beds, gates, webinars/training, sound machines/speakers