We work with SPOT & CO., Best Friends Dog Academy, and The Pet Sitters to fund three important dog training programs at the Iowa City Animal Center.

Paws to Train Volunteer Training Program

This program brings dog training to the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center. The Paws to Train Volunteer Training is offered to all Green Dog Volunteers. These volunteers learn to use positive reinforcement training to teach dogs such skills as “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and “come”.

Volunteers also learn how to work with dogs on kennel behavior to help them make a better first impression. Training helps to make dogs more adoptable and ease the transition into a new home. Mental stimulation also helps to keep dogs mentally healthy and lowers the stress of living in the shelter environment. Your donations provide funding for the expansion of this program.

Paws to Train Outreach ProgramPaws-To-Train-Samurai-harness

This program brings a dog waiting to be adopted from the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center to a trainer for a 6 week Beginner Obedience class. Not only do the dogs enjoy a field trip away from the Animal Center with a volunteer, they also gain the opportunity to learn and work on such skills as “sit”, “come”, “stay”, and “down” in a class setting.

During the fifth week of classes, dogs get a chance to try out the agility equipment. These dogs in training are featured on the Animal Center’s website. You donations are helping a dog get the training he/she deserves.

Paws to Train Voucher Program

This program provides vouchers for discounted classes at one of the three partner dog training companies for dogs who could benefit from continued training after adoption. The program gives new owners a chance to bond with their new dog, teaches them training skills, and provides another resource for questions. You donation allow us to offer needed vouchers to adopters.